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About us

A Commitment to Excellence

One key factor that’s consistent in the services we provide to our clients, is commitment. As a top provider, Lenox Livery is committed to excellence when planning and delivering our services each and every time you travel with us.

Lenox Livery’s commitment to excellence, combined with our problem solving and custom service solutions allows us to ensure that all our clients whether those looking for airport transfers, corporate transportation, or weddings and other special events transportation services, to name a few, enjoy the services that show that we are fully committed to excellence. Customer satisfaction is the goal of each and every staff member at Lenox Livery.

We can swiftly respond to the needs of all our clients. Our customer service is consistent when it comes to bringing true value to the table. Our staff and vehicles have been equipped with the right technological tools to complete the tasks related to peak performance. When you think about our highly trained chauffeurs and top management team, you’ll understand why we are regarded as company that delivers consistently high standards. Our customer service offers users 24-hour support. Call, email, text or book online or via our app, we will manage your reservations to accommodate any travel requests whenever you need them – any day of the year. We are dedicated to top-notch services. We are truly a team of professionals who take pride in the quality of the services we render.

We have a team of on-site transportation coordinators who are committed to meeting the needs of our clients regardless of where they are traveling, especially when we are managing a group of travelers for you. This team of customer success personnel will not hesitate to show their commitment to excellence to passengers whether they arrive in large or small groups at the airport.

Lenox Livery takes care of the many facets and phases of your arrival on-site and coordinate departures to ensure that we are delivering value by coordinating passengers to best utilize our staff and vehicles.

Our professional and well-trained chauffeurs are experienced in the ins and outs of how ground transportation services should be managed and delivered. Each Lenox Livery employee undergoes comprehensive skill and service excellence training. This ensures that we provide our customers the chance to enjoy a memorable experience as they use our service.

How to Know a Company Committed to Excellence

There’s growing competition in our industry, which, over the last decade have begun to present multiple options and multiple service providers. But how do you know a service that’s truly committed to excellence? What facts should you consider before choosing the service? What should you avoid? Let’s answer these questions below and in the end, you’ll see why our commitment to excellence is unmatched.

Providing Basic Amenities

When you talk of an executive ground transportation providers’ commitment to excellence, you are also referring to a company that offers class and quality. A company that knows what amenities and features will be part of the service they render. Hence, whether you are looking to hire the firm for executive transportation, international transfer, local transfers, heading to a corporate event, or for a ride to the airport, finding a company that offers the basic amenities in their vehicles is essential.

If they can provide the necessary amenities and top-quality service at the same time, it means that they are committed to excellence. Everyone deserves the best service. We all want a provider who will offer the best experience. Hence, you must settle for nothing less by going for a firm that’s committed to excellence.

Professional and Friendly Chauffeurs

If you are looking to hire a limousine service, you’ll want to have friendly chauffeurs serve you. The chauffeurs must be professional they will be ready to focus on the task and keep you happy at all times as you use the service. Our chauffeurs are always professional and friendly. They are always happy to initiate conversations and answer any questions that you may have. This level of commitment will ensure that you enjoy a stress-free trip while you use our service.

Customer Health and Well-being

We at (company name) are fully committed to your safety and well-being. This is a serious consideration due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our commitment to excellence allows us to carry out extensive cleaning of our vehicles before and after trips. We disinfect these automobiles at every opportunity to prove our commitment to protecting customer well-being. The disinfectants we use to clean our vehicles are free of any unwanted chemicals.

Competent Employees

Our employees are 100% competent and willing to do the job. They fully adhere to the CDC’s health recommendations and guidelines while serving you. Our team will continue to do everything possible to offer you a great experience. They are always ready to assist you and answer your questions as they off safe, professional, and reliable services. This has helped to maintain our high standards during the pandemic.


We always evolve with the industry. This is why our commitment to giving you the best service has made us develop mobile data communications to help track chauffeurs and the status of your transport. We have adopted the best type of technology to ensure that there’s constant communication for all parties involved during the trips.


A limousine transportation company committed to excellence will be consistently invested in devising new ways to serve their customers better. They ensure this by developing technological solutions that can make the job seamless. Steps like making reservations, dispatching, and billing are typically automated. They are usually integrated into a single sophisticated system that has a full history and well-detailed profiles. They use online booking tools to take reservations. These tools don’t only show the level of our commitment to giving the best service, it makes the job more convenient.

When you call on us, you can be sure that we will make the effort to give you a memorable experience. We also have good customer service that you can always reach for regular support. Keeping you safe and happy during your trip is our reason for existing in the industry. The satisfaction of our customers is our number priority. No wonder commitment to excellence is unavoidable. This compels us to keep doing our best when we serve you. Why not contact us for your limousine transportation so that you can enjoy these many benefits.